About coolstartupjobs

What is coolstartupjobs?
coolstartupjobs collects job posts from many startups' websites, lets you search them, and keeps track of how many job posts each startup has had over time. Each startup gets a rank which roughly orders them by which one appears to be growing the most right now based on the change in number of job posts.
So this is just another job board?
Not exactly; when I was searching for a job, I knew I wanted to work at a startup, but I had no clue how to figure out which startups were likely to succeed (besides every crypto company, of course). If you’re working at a startup, you’ll be given equity in the company, and you want that equity to be worth something someday; spoiler alert: a lot of the time, it isn’t. So how could I figure out where I’ll have the best chance of my equity being worth something?

I couldn’t figure it out, so I made coolstartupjobs. coolstartupjobs uses publicly available data, like number of job posts over time, to rank which startups appear to be the most promising at this moment and show you the jobs they have available. Is it perfect? Well if it were, I’d be investing in startups rather than making this. But it will at least tell you which startups are growing the most right now; that is a great indicator that they’re on the right track, and it gives your stock options a fighting chance.

So if you want to work at a startup, give your stock options a fighting chance and browse the startup rankings here or search for your dream job here.
Why is the design of this website so poor?
Thanks. I've spent a bit more time working on data collection than design, so join the email list if you'd prefer!: